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Federation Proposal

Proposal for Chuckery Primary School to join the Cadmus Federation of schools

You may remember that in April we started a consultation to become an academy. During this consultation it became clear that the school had a number of other options to explore. As it is the responsibility of the Governing Body to ensure any decision made is in the best interests of the school it was decided in June 2017 to stop the academy process and explore alternative proposals. During the rest of the summer term we had a number of conversations with parties interested in working with us. By the end of the summer term the Governors and Leadership Team at Chuckery felt that the proposal from the Cadmus Federation was the strongest and most likely to be able to support us in the short, medium and long term.

At a meeting of the Governing Body on Monday 18th September 2017 it was agreed that a consultation process for Chuckery Primary School to join the Cadmus Federation of schools should take place. As part of this consultation we will be writing to local schools and community groups asking them for their views. We will also be holding public meetings as well as meetings with staff and trade unions. The consultation period will run from today, 22nd September 2017 until 12pm on Friday 3rd November 2017

Any comments or representations which are submitted will be considered by the Governing Body before a final decision is taken. Details of how to provide comments and representations will be set out in a pack of documents to all parents on Monday 25th September 2017.

The Governing Body will not finally agree to join the Federation unless they are satisfied that the decision would be in the best interests of the children who attend the school today and the generations who will attend in the future.


Who Are Cadmus and what is a Federation?

Cadmus is a local family of schools which consists of Alumwell Junior School, Butts Primary School, Millfield Primary School and Palfrey Junior School. Currently working within the Cadmus federation are two National Leaders of Education, a National Leader of Governance and a Lead Ofsted Inspector.

These schools currently work together under one overarching Governing Body but with local Governing Committees. The schools are legally tied together but unlike with academies:


  • They remain within a Local Authority structure
  • They can remove themselves from the Federation at a later date if it becomes appropriate.


Further information can be found in the letter and proposal documents which will be sent out on Monday.


Will Chuckery change?

Our ethos and commitment to the children and their families will remain the same. Chuckery is your school and we wish to ensure it remains that way. The name, logo and uniform will not change. However, as part of a wider group of schools, we will have access to a wider range of support and resources to continue to improve.


How can I find out more?

We are determined that everyone has the opportunity to tell us what they think about our proposal to join the Federation. We plan to hold two public meetings in the school so that as many parents and members of the public can attend as possible. The dates of the meetings are:


Monday 2nd October at 2:00pm

Monday 2nd October at 5:00pm


We would encourage you to attend if you have any questions, or simply want to learn more about our plans and the reason for the proposal. Members of the Governing Body will be at the meeting and really want to hear your views.


How can I make representations?

Details of all the meetings involved in the process and how you can respond to the consultation are enclosed in the pack which will be sent out on Monday.


Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you would like further information.