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Phase One Team (Early Years & Year 1)

Phase One  is where our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children are taught. While the children are in the Foundation Stage they will spend a lot of time developing the skills they need to have to be effective learners as they grow older. These are then developed in Year 1 as the children begin to access the National Curriculum.

Phase One

Phase One 1 Mrs Holmes - Phase One Leader (Nursery)
Phase One 2 Mrs Portlock - Teacher (Reception)
Phase One 3 Mrs Bashir - Teacher (Reception)
Phase One 4 Mrs Palmer - Teacher (Reception)
Phase One 5 Miss Pace - HLTA
Phase One 6 Ms Begum Teaching Assistant (EYFS)
Phase One 7 Mrs Arif - Teaching Assistant (EYFS)
Phase One 8 Mrs Szymt -- Teaching Assistant (EYFS)
Phase One 9 Mrs Kaur - Teaching Assistant (EYFS)
Phase One 10 Mrs Marshall Teacher (Year 1)
Phase One 11 Mrs Fowler - Teacher (Year 1)
Phase One 12 Mrs Akhtar Teaching Assistant (Year 1)
Phase One 13 Mrs Dhadwar - Teaching Assistant (Year 1)
Phase One 14 Mrs Nightingale - Teaching Assistant (Year 1)