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Phase Two Team (Years 2 and 3)

Phase Two is where children in Years 2 and 3 are taught. During these years they will be building on the learning skills they have developed in Phase One and learning to apply these across the National Curriculum. 
Miss Sargent - Teacher (Year 2)
Mrs Davis -Teacher (Year 2)
Mrs Townill - Teacher (Year 2)
Mrs Lee - Teaching Assistant (Year 2)
Mrs Razaq - Teaching Assistant (Year 2)
Mrs  Dhadwar - Teaching Assistant (Year 2)
Mr Chantler - Phase Leader (Year 3)
Miss Safeer (Teacher (Year 3)
Miss Cuthill - Teacher (Year 3)
Mrs Crutchley (teaching assistant (Year 3)
Mrs Strazzanti Teaching Assistant (Year 3)
Miss Taylor - Teaching Assistant (Year 3)