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Free Breakfast For All

I am pleased to let you know that we have been successful in bidding for some additional funding to provide a free breakfast for every child at Chuckery through the National School Breakfast Programme. Initially this is until March 2020. We decided to bid for this funding because we know that a significant number of our children start the day hungry. In a recent survey of the children at Chuckery, it is clear that some children have had no breakfast and many have the wrong type of breakfast. Many children report they have a very sugary breakfast which will initially fill them up and give them a quick rush of energy, but will not keep them going throughout the morning.


We do not expect the free breakfast to completely replace a breakfast at home for everyone. However, there will be enough food available for the children who choose to have their breakfast once they arrive at school.


We  deliver the breakfast in 2 different ways:


  1. Family Breakfasts – This is provided in the canteen every day from 8:15am until 9am. There are cereal, bagels and fruit available for the children and their families (we ask that adults make a contribution as food for adults is not included in the grant we have received). Hot drinks are also available for adults to buy.
    Access to the canteen will be via the Tantarra Street gate.
    Please note that all children attending the family breakfast must be supervised by an adult and cannot be left on their own

  2. Class Bagels – A warm bagel is offered to every child in their classroom when they arrive in the morning. Each bagel is cut into small pieces to allow the children to eat as much or as little as they like. We also ensure fruit is available at this time.



We are really pleased to be able to offer this to the children and families of Chuckery as, looking at evidence from school locally and nationally, having a low sugar, high wholegrain breakfast  makes a big difference to the children.