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Supporting children with Visual Impairments (VI)

At Chuckery, we have a specialist team of staff  trained to support children with a vision impairment. They support these children w to access the curriculum by using child appropriate equipment and methods including braille. Our team works closely with the Walsall LA specialist VI team.

Meet the team below.

Welcome to the VI team!
Ms Ward has been at Chuckery since 2014 and gained her RNIB braille certificate in 2017.
She has supported children with severe vision impairments who have a range of different needs.
Mrs Dhadwar has been at Chuckery since 2017,  working closely with vision impaired pupils and supporting their learning through specialised equipment and braille. In 2019 she achieved the RNIB qualification.



List of websites listed below to give help and advice for you and your child/children.

How we support our children in school.

VI Diary: We have been learning how to safely cross the road using our listening skills, the changes in the pavement and the long cane this week.

Vi Diary: Miss Ward and Miss Cardinal and some of our Year 6 children have been learning to use the Dolphin SuperNova. This is a great tool that helps children with a vision impairment access their learning independently.

VI Diary: We love going on trips! Y2 have been to Lichfield this week. We made sure everything was modified and accessible for our vision impairments and took caps and sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun.

VI diary: Maps are no problem for us! We used tactile pictures and materials to explore the physical features of Mexico and to design our own island in Year 5.

VI diary: We love using the library. Here at Chuckery we have a range of Braille and sensory books, audio books and large print books that can be accessed by all our pupils.

VI Diary: PE is one of our favourite lessons, and with some special equipment and a bit of help from our friends we can join in with everything.