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Year 1

Welcome to Year One

Our year one classes are class 4 and class 5 who are taught by Miss Botfield and Miss Hewitt .

Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Dutton, Mrs Dhadwar, Mrs Begum and Mrs McCormick 

Our trip to Cannock Chase

Year 1 sings Christmas

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Welcome to Year 1!

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Welcome to Year 1

Take a look at some of the mini-adventures we've been on. 

Autumn mini-adventure 19/20 - Seasons: The tree that year 1 planted for Stickman is losing it's leaves. Year 1 had to think about why the leaves fall from trees in autumn and what else happens over the other seasons too.

Autumn mini-adventure 2019 - Trees: The children of year 1 received an urgent message from Stickman. The family tree has been chopped down to make things like paper and tables. Luckily, the children came up with a good idea to plant a new tree for him, but which tree should they plant and why?

Summer mini-adventure 18/19: Katie Morag - Year 1 have been learning all about the human and physical features found on the island of Struay (home to the fictional character Katie Morag). In the story Katie mixed up the mail and delivered them to the wrong houses. Year 1 have been using maps and positional language to help Katie deliver the mail. They've also thought about whether they would like to live on an island and designed their own.

Summer mini-adventure 18/19: Year 1 have been finding plants in and around our school. They even found a place that was covered in weeds so decided to design a new garden that would look better.

Trip to Walsall art gallery

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Spring mini-adventure 18/19: Animals - Chuckery have welcomed their new school dog Daisy to the team. Year 1 have been wondering what it takes to look after different animals.

Spring 1 mini-adventure 18/19 - Space. CCTV footage showed that a mysterious object crashed onto the school grounds over the weekend. This got the children thinking...What could it be? Where did it come from? What really is up there? Children did some research and found out that man had been to the moon. This got them thinking about the life of Neil Armstrong and what a day on the moon might be like. They wrote their own stories to tell the tale.

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Spring 1 mini-adventure 18/19 - Monsters! Children were shocked to find a baby monster in their classroom and boy had he made a mess of the place. They read 'When a Monster is Born' and discovered that there are different types of monsters and had a go at describing them. This monster in particular kept misbehaving so the children helped him out by writing how to be a good monster. Year 1 also designed and made their own baby monsters in DT and wrote about them. Take a look at their work.

Autumn 2 mini-adventure 18/19 - Seasons. The children started their adventure by looking at the book 'One Stormy Night'. Percy the park keeper had a job to do. How was he going to keep the animals warm in the winter. This got the children thinking about Percy and his job. Is it always winter at the park? What other seasons do we have? Children also created a short video using a green screen.

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Autumn 2 mini-adventure 18/19 - Three Little Pigs. Children received a message asking for their help. Children had to help the pigs design a house using strong materials.

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Autumn 1 mini-adventure 18/19 - Oliver's Vegetables. Children found a wheelbarrow in their classroom full of vegetables and note that said, 'Help yourself!' Children named and tasted different vegetables before designing and making their own fruit skewer. They wrote a note back to Oliver telling him about their favourite fruits and vegetables. They even looked at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and made artwork inspired by him.