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Year 3





Meet the team

Both classes in year 3 have a library day on Wednesday and PE is on a Monday.

Our timetable

Tuesday 13th September



As part of their Story maps mini- adventure, Year 3 looked at how maps show us a plan view. They drew their own sketch maps of a Lego village and we found out what our school looks like as a map!

We then used our own maps to complete an orienteering course. It was great finding the locations on our maps and then running to find the

actual places.

We also looked at real OS maps and found out about the symbols used, and how maps are divided into grids.


Tuesday 29th November


Year 3 have been finding out about rocks and fossils today. We had an amazing collection of stones provided by the Wrens Nest Nature Reserve in Dudley. We were able to find and identify sedimentary rocks, and crinoid, coral and shell fossils.

Some of the rocks were simply packed with crinoid and coral remains. We found out how sedimentary rocks are formed and how fossils can be found within them. Everyone was really engaged in looking for their fossils!

Summer Term

What have we done this term to make us proud?


Year 3 have spent the summer term exploring many exciting and new topics! We explored where different religions celebrate their pilgrimages such as Hindu's travelling to Varanasi and Muslim's travelling to Mecca. 


We have also dived into science with our Light and Shadow, and Magnets and Forces mini-adventures. We have run experiments, experienced outdoor activities with Mr. Bamber and explored new and engaging concepts such as friction, reflection and illuminations. Class 8 and 9 went to The Lime Pits to pond dip, focused on finding bugs and insects in the different stages of their life cycles. 


Our maths focus for summer has been time, money and multiplication and division. Year 3 have used their knowledge of partitioning and sharing to times 2 by 1 digit numbers, as well telling the time to the minute on a digital and analogue clock.


We’ve written a poem, based on a blind person’s experience of colour. Written a short narrative on Henry VIII’s wife’s beheading  and created a report based on a science experiment!









What we will be learning about in the autumn term.


The mini-adventures your child will be covering are:


Rivers—Geography focus                                                           


The Muslim way of life—Religious Education focus


Tudors—History focus




They will be learning about:


Maths: Number and Place value of 4 digit numbers


English: Report writing, information texts, poetry