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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 


Latest updates:

*Year 4 go swimming every Tuesday. Children will need a swimsuit, a towel and a swimming cap on these days. Please can long hair be tied up and earrings removed.  


*Library day is Thursday. Please remind children to bring in their books and place them in the box outside their classroom. 



Daily Timetable

Please follow this link to practise the times tables test.

Thursday 1st December

Year 4 Plague!

As part of their learning Year 4 found out about some of the 'quack' cures which were available during the plagues. They were quite surprised how horrible and apparently silly some of them were too!

We started off finding out about some herbs available at the time and them mixed our own. Some of them smelled quite good - until we put more mud into them!

We recorded our recipes and then discussed how modern medicines are tested and checked to ensure they are safe to use and that they do what whey are meant to. It was interesting comparing our modern medicines to the old ones!

Monday 3rd October

Year 4 at Wolseley Wildlife Centre and Essex Bridge

Year 4 have been studying Rivers and as part of their learning they visited the Wolseley Centre. This gorgeous nature reserve is on the banks of the River Trent, which is the third longest river in the UK. We were able to observe many different features of a river, including meanders, the current and floodplains. We were also able to see how the depth of water and speed of flow vary in the river.

It was also lovely being able to see all the different wildlife, including some very friendly robins, sheep ducks and lots of geese.

After lunch we moved to Essex bridge which is further upstream from Wolseley. Here the river is broader and much shallower. It is also the point where the River Sow (a tributary) joins the River Trent. Essex Bridge is a 16th century packhorse bridge and we could also compare the river to a nearby canal!


And of course we were able to use maps to help us navigate and locate ourselves as we went along.