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Calculations Policy For Mathematics


Chuckery Primary School has developed its own calculation policy to show staff, parents and children the methods we use in each strand of Mathematical learning and hope to master for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by the end of each academic year.


As each child passes through the school,  we will be developing their skills to ensure they fully understand each method and can then apply their learning to solve problems in a variety of different ways.

Our teaching always start with what each child can already do. We then build upon the understanding of the individual child using the CPA approach to Mathematics -concrete , pictorial -abstract . This allows children to see how their learning links from apparatus , through to pictorial representations before moving onto more formal , traditional methods of calculations.

Our approach to teaching mathematics will ensure the children know what they are doing and why they are doing it long before we start to introduce short cuts and traditional methods which, for many children, cause real confusion.


Our calculation policy and Mental Mathematics