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Curriculum Enhancement and Outdoor Learning

Curriculum Enhancement and Outdoor Learning at Chuckery Primary School

At Chuckery Primary School we believe all our children should have a wide range of experiences that will enable them to fully access the curriculum. This is achieved through a range of educational visits and outdoor learning that will help expand the horizons of our pupils. Learning outside of the classroom is about getting children and young people out and about, providing them with challenging, exciting and different experiences to help them learn.

What have we done this term to make us feel proud?

Year 3 started this term off pond dipping, and learning what lived in the water. Everyone recorded their findings clearly and there were some very accurate field sketches of invertebrates. Nursery worked well in the allotment, and learned about planting seeds, and looking after plants. 

Year 2 used maps and looked at different sources of information when finding out about  their local area. We explored the streets around school, and found out about different types of housing. 

After half term Year 1 were learning about 'The Safari' so we went to West Midlands Safari Park. It was amazing getting so close to the animals, we learned so much about what the animals looked like: especially how big they were!

Reception were Explorers so we set off to explore Sutton Park. We read a simple map and navigated to a stream, a lake and we even found a water crossing we could splash in!  Year 4  went shopping and were able to purchase their own ingredients to make pizzas with, they loved making the dough and preparing the toppings almost as much as eating them!

What will we be learning about next term?


Watch out for visits to the National Memorial Arboretum and parent information evenings for our residential visits to Laches Wood (8th January 2024) and Castleton YHA (26th February 2024).

Learning in Action

Year 4 Plague!

As part of their learning Year 4 found out about some of the 'quack' cures which were available during the plagues. They were quite surprised how horrible and apparently silly some of them were too!

We started off finding out about some herbs available at the time and them mixed our own. Some of them smelled quite good - until we put more mud into them!

We recorded our recipes and then discussed how modern medicines are tested and checked to ensure they are safe to use and that they do what whey are meant to. It was interesting comparing our modern medicines to the old ones!

Year 3 Rocks

Year 3 have been finding out about rocks and fossils today. We had an amazing collection of stones provided by the Wrens Nest Nature Reserve in Dudley. We were able to find and identify sedimentary rocks, and crinoid, coral and shell fossils.

Some of the rocks were simply packed with crinoid and coral remains. We found out how sedimentary rocks are formed and how fossils can be found within them. Everyone was really engaged in looking for their fossils!

Year 5 at the National Space Centre


As part of their 'Earth and Space' mini adventure Year 5 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester. We found out about our solar system, the universe and the International Space Station. It was amazing being able to view the huge rockets too.

There was also a working Orrery model - this was really interesting to see because we have also made our own at school.

A firm favourite was the rock which had come from the moon and of course the planetarium was completely mind blowing too!

Year 6 at the National Memorial Arboretum

Year 6 have visited the National Memorial Arboretum as part of their 'Home Front' mini adventure.

We went the week after November the 11th, so there were lots of poppies and wreaths at many different memorials. We explored the importance of memorials and how they provide opportunities to remember.  We discussed how events have shaped the country we have today.

It was especially thought provoking seeing the personal messages and photographs of families and friends of the fallen soldiers.

The Armed Forces memorial made a big impact on us all, especially the sculptures and all the names of those killed since World War 2. We also discussed why there were so many different memorials and why there are always new ones being added. We saw the evacuee sculpture 'Every Which Way' and linked this to our learning in the classroom.


Year 4 at Wolseley Wildlife Centre and Essex Bridge

Year 4 have been studying Rivers and as part of their learning they visited the Wolseley Centre. This gorgeous nature reserve is on the banks of the River Trent, which is the third longest river in the UK. We were able to observe many different features of a river, including meanders, the current and floodplains. We were also able to see how the depth of water and speed of flow vary in the river.

It was also lovely being able to see all the different wildlife, including some very friendly robins, sheep ducks and lots of geese.

After lunch we moved to Essex bridge which is further upstream from Wolseley. Here the river is broader and much shallower. It is also the point where the River Sow (a tributary) joins the River Trent. Essex Bridge is a 16th century packhorse bridge and we could also compare the river to a nearby canal!


And of course we were able to use maps to help us navigate and locate ourselves as we went along.



Reception Trip to the Mandir Baba Balak Temple


We visited the temple as part of our Faith Trail mini adventure. The children were finding out that different people have different Special Places and celebrate different Special Occasions with their families. We were learning about Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. We learned how Sikhs and Hindus celebrate this special time. 

The temple visit allowed the children to understand what a Special Place is for some people, what a temple looks like, what can be found inside and why these are special to Sikhs and Hindus. The also compared this to their own special places and their own celebrations.