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Year 2




Welcome to Year 2

Meet the team

Both classes in Year 2 have PE every Thursday. Reading and Spelling books are needed in school everyday. Forest School day is on Tuesday afternoon.

What have we done this term to make us feel Proud?

This term, Year 2 have developed their collaborative skills during science investigations. They worked together in groups and communicated effectively to observe and identify plants and animals in science.

Year 2 have also developed their understanding and care for the environment around them. We learnt more about the buildings and locations in Chuckery, we planned and developed bird feeders to support the local bird population and considered how we can be responsible members of our community by looking after plants and animals.

Year 2 have also been very busy with tests this term, demonstrating the amazing knowledge they have all learnt. We focused on building our resilience and having a positive mindset to help us achieve.


What we have been learning about this term?

This term we have been scientists, historians and geographers. In history, Year 2 looked back into the past to answer the question ‘How have buildings changed?’ They looked at a range of sources, such as pictures and maps. We continued to build our map work in geography, where we have been asking ourselves the question ‘Where do we live?’ to learn more about Walsall. Now that we are experts on Walsall, we are comparing our local area to the country of Singapore. Finally, as scientists we have investigated a range of habitats, particularly focusing on woodland areas. We walked to the Arboretum to identify the different plants and animals we saw, then we wrote about them in a report. We linked recorded our findings in a tally chart and transferred this information into a bar chart. This not only supported our maths skills, but helped us to draw a conclusion about what lives in woodland habitats. Alongside our mini adventures, we have also written interesting stories about ‘The Queen’s Crown’ and narrative about a fearsome dragon.


Our weekly timetable

Our outdoor learning adventures

Thursday 12th January

Canal and River Trust Visit


Claudia and David from the Canal and River Trust visited Year 2 today. They talked about the Rushall canal and then we made seed bombs and bug hotels.

We threw the seed bombs in our wooded area and left the bug hotels in quiet places for the insects to live in. 

We cant wait to see what flowers start to grow in the spring!

January 11th 2023

Shugborough Hall


Year 2 have been learning about maps. So today we went to the beautiful grounds of Shugborough Hall. We started in the walled garden, drawing our own sketch maps and using keys to identity different features. We talked about the different features we saw and then we were able to use compasses. We learned about the four compass points and we found that most of the paths in the garden were aligned to the compass points.

After lunch on the minibus (while it rained) we found the farm and explored some of Shugborough's past and walked to the mansion and back having a fabulous time splashing in the puddles as we went.


Morrells Farm 

Year 2 have really enjoyed visiting Morrells Farm in Shropshire. Farmer Derrick and Stephen from the Country Trust, showed us around the farm and we learned about the cows on the farm. We then went for a nature walk across a field where we found mole hills, we also enjoyed the gorgeous views of the Wrekin. After lunch in a barn (and its lovely log burner), we made mince pies and wreaths.