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Parent workshops and helpful links

Year 1 and Year 2 parents meeting - Mathematics

Year 3 and 4 Parental workshop

Year 5 and Year 6 Parental Workshop

November 2022 workshops

" Now I understand what he is doing when he does his calculations this way , its so different from when I was at school!"  Year 3 parent


" I hadnt realised that there were so many ways to unpick a times table question, Its going to help me too!" 

 Year 3 Parent


 "Its been really useful to see how maths is taught higher up the school , It wasn't taught like this in my home country!" Year 5 Parent


"The workshop was really helpful for me to see how the children learn in school now  and when I went to class she used the counters really well to show me how she made sense of the question. Ive never seen her do this before but we can definitely do this at home now!" Year 2 Parent

May 2023 parental presentation- Times Table Checker  

Year 4 Times Table Checker parents presentation 2023

Maths support – Powerpoints


Dear Parents and Carers,


A question that is commonly asked when supporting children at home is how to help them understand their Maths in the right way. Often, ways of teaching concepts have changed since we were at school…

To support you with this we have linked to Powerpoint presentations created by the NCETM – the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics. These have been designed to support teachers with their lesson plans. They are a useful tool as you can use them to prompt your child  to talk about the Mathematical concepts that are taught in school. Sometimes children can answer questions without a deep knowledge of how or why a concept works and these presentations can draw this out, encouraging children to look for patterns and improve their efficiency.


To start we have added the Number and Place Value files for each year group below for you to explore with your children. We hope you find them helpful:


Year 1 1NPV-1 Count forwards and backwards within 100

1NPV-2 Numbers to 20 in the linear number system


Year 2 2NPV-1 Place value in two-digit numbers

2NPV-2 Two-digit numbers in the linear number system


Year 3 3NPV-1 Equivalence of 10 tens and 1 hundred

3NPV-2 Place value in three-digit number

3NPV-3 Three-digit numbers in the linear number system

3NPV-4 Reading scales with 2 4 5 or 10 intervals


Year 4 4NPV-1 Equivalence of 10 hundreds and 1 thousand

4NPV-2 Place value in four-digit numbers

4NPV-3 Four-digit numbers in the linear number system

4NPV-4 Reading scales with 2 4 5 or 10 intervals.pptx


Year 5 5NPV-1 Tenths and hundredths

5NPV-2 Place value in decimal fractions

5NPV-3 Decimal fractions in the linear number system

5NPV-4 Reading scales with 2 4 5 or 10 intervals

5NPV-5 Convert between units of measure


Year 6 6NPV-1 Powers of 10

6NPV-2 Place value in numbers up to 10 000 000

6NPV-3 Numbers up to 10 million in the linear number system

6NPV-4 Reading scales with 2 4 5 or 10 intervals