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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 

Meet the team

What have we done this term to make us feel Proud?

This term, Year 6 can be proud of the teamwork skills they have developed through Outdoor Adventure Activities, including when they worked as a team to read maps and follow walking paths at Clent Hills. Year 6 can also be proud of the beautiful stories they have written about ‘The Piano’, where children used descriptive, emotive language from a first person narrative, telling the tale of an elderly man and his memories. Alongside this, Year 6 can be proud of the maturity they have shown and willingness to take on leadership roles in school, such as house captains, school councillors and reading leaders, where they support younger children and act as role models. Not only have Year 6 shown that they are role models in school, but also out of school and with visitors; they were respectful and engaged during a trip to the National War Arboretum, and asked thoughtful questions to our guests during Interfaith Week, who commented on how impressed they were with Year 6.




What we have been learning about this term

This term, Year 6 have enjoyed and engaged with a number of mini adventures, including Light, The Home Front, Living Things, and Mountains. We have worked scientifically during Light and Living Things, completing experiments such as; refracting light through a prism, calculating angles to test the law of reflection and investigating the conditions that microorganisms grow in. In history, we have delved into the events leading up to the Second World War, culminating in Neville Chamberlain declaring war on Germany, and how Britain then responded to bombs, Blitz and destruction by remembering to keep calm and carry on. This helped us to reflect on the impact of war, both in the past and in our present, as we looked at the poppy as a symbol of remembrance. As geographers, we explored mountain ranges across the world, focusing particularly on The Himalayas found on the continent of Asia. We used maps to look at the features of mountains, such as Snowdon and Everest, reading them by using 4 and 6 figure grid references.



Our Weekly Timetable

Look what we have been doing this term.