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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 

Meet the team

What have we done this term to make us feel Proud?


We started the term with lots of test preparations and revision. The children put this to good use as they sat their tests and showed great determination and resilience. Following this, the children applied themselves well to the huge amounts of writing to demonstrate all the skills they have learnt whilst at Chuckery.  The hard work didn’t stop there as they put their hands to baking 600 cupcakes and raising money for the local food bank. The children have represented Chuckery well both during their visits to their new schools and during our trip to London. This term has ended with an amazing leavers performance.




What we have been learning about this term

Macbeth—The children got their teeth into the mystical story of Macbeth as they found out about the betrayals and temptations. They used a range of literary devices to retell the story.

Anglo Saxons—This was launched with a visit from an Anglo-Saxon warrior wielding his spear. We learnt about battle tactics and how to make a shield wall. After researching the famous Battle of Hastings, we wrote a recount, story and diary from different perspectives.

Mountains— A whistle stop tour of the mountain ranges of the world developed the children’s geography skills. They now know how different mountains are formed and are curious to find out more and even visit them.

Money week—Children, driven by the idea of fund raising, investigated how to get the best value ingredients to make the most profit. They applied their well rehearsed maths skills to this real life situation which gave a real purpose to their learning. They then baked, iced and sold their cupcakes making a healthy profit which they donated.


Our Weekly Timetable

Look what we have been doing this term.